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Audio Mixing

Hybrid analog / digital audio recording for music of all types.

Song Mix - $70 per song (24 track maximum; if greater, then custom rate)

EP / Album Mix - $50 per song (15 song maximum, if greater, then custom rate)

Specialized Mix or Edit - please contact for rate

We utilize both analog and digital gear to achieve the best possible mixes for every project. The gear used will be tailored to your project's needs and any specific project requests.
In the analog world
  • Mics - FLEA U47, Coles 4038 pair,

  • Preamps - Neve 1073 x2 (Stereo Pair), API 512, CAPI VP26, Sansamp, Focusrite Scarlett + Octopre Preamps and Interface

  • Compressors - UA 1176 FET Compressor, Retro 176 Tube Compressor,  Distressor, CAPI Preamp, DBX 560 x2,

  • Outboard Gear / Effects - Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Roland analog delay, DBX digital Delay, Roland Flanger, Otari 2-track Tape Machine, Avid S1 Control Surface, MP Midi Controller (for dynamic plug-in control).


In the digital world
  • DAWs - ProTools 12, Audacity

  • Plugins - Universal Audio w/ Large Selection of UA Plugins, Seventh Heaven Reverb, FabFilter EQ / MB Compression / Saturation, and the amazing selection of great free plugins in ProTools (all hail LoFi).

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compressor 1176 universal audio outboarrd gear mixing recording production vintage
distressor compressor rack outboard gear mixing equipment saturation
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